Mum's wrong by Marc Fitoussi,  F/B 2016 , 110 min, DCP.
French with English subtitles.
Swiss Premiere
  • Director: Marc Fitoussi
  • Screenplay: Marc Fitoussi
  • Cinematography: Laurent Brunet
  • Editing: Damien Keyeux
  • Cast: Jeanne Jestin, Emilie Dequenne, Nelly Antignac, Camille Chamoux, Annie Grégorio, Sabrina Ouazani, Jean-François Cayrey, Grégoire Ludig
  • Producer: Caroline Bonmarchand
  • Production: Avenue B Productions, Versus Production, France 3 Cinéma, SND
  • Distributor: Kinology
  • Contact: Grégoire Graesslin,
  • Festivals: Mill Valley Film Festival, USA (Premiere)

Mum's wrong

When 14-year-old Anouk takes an internship at her mother’s insurance company, her mother leaves her pretty much to her own devices, to explore on her own. She observes the petty cruelties of office life: banal humiliations, gossip, and power games. Yet under the surface lie life-and-death stakes, revealing themselves when Anouk tries to help a distressed young Moroccan mother who was sent away with her request by the receptionist. Bit by bit Anouk uncovers a web of shady practices to avoid due insurance payments ...

Marc Fitoussi's coming-of-age drama for the globalized world journeys into the heart of corporate greed and explores its corrosive impact on our lives. A beautiful surprise, albeit not a first-timer is ingénue Jeanne Jestin who deliveres a vulnerable and at the same time courageous and determined Anouk.

Marc Fitoussi
was born in 1976. He started out as a screen writer. One of his first short films ILLUSTRE INCONNUE (2004) was nominated for a César. In 2010 he shot his second long film COPACABANA starring Isabelle Huppert and her daughter Lolita Chammah as mother and daughter.

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