Archive | 4. SFFF | 2017

Award-Winners and Jury Rationales

Prize for Best Film - Crystal Larch 

Hidden Reserves

by Valentin Hitz

Critics Choice 

The Eremites

by Ronny Trocker

Some films don't need much dialogue --
they live through their images.
Some characters don't need much action --
they live through the fears and hopes which we can guess through their eyes.
Some scripts don't seduce us with exotic locations --
they invent their quiet adventures relatively nearby.
Some stories don't end with a big finale --
but instead in a sudden way that challenges our imagination...  

Special Mention by the Critics Jury 

The Stopover

by Delphine and Muriel Coulin

Entering into closed off worlds, glancing at the power struggles of hidden institutions, opening our blind eyes to the people we usually ignore:
All of this is possible because cinema, when it dives into complicated contemporary subjects, is a matter of gaze.
A film that starts with all of its protagonists in blindfolds and which seals their fates in the dark of the night, this film leads them, and therefore us, towards dawn and awakening.

Audience Award 


by Fulvio Bernasconi