Archive | 4. SFFF | 2017

Tomorrow Docs

The venue of the Saas-Fee Filmfest is surmounted by mighty four-thousand metre mountains. Their majesty commands reverence and devotion and at the same time challenges man to conquer them. The festival is interested in this age-old antagonism between nature and man, reflected in the peaks of Saas-Fee. The Saas-Fee Filmfest wants to celebrate the beauty of nature and man‘s lust of being inside her. At the same time it looks at the destructive blossoms of his greed. Is the conflict of the archaic principles unresolvable or can something be achieved with mindfulness, humility and tenderness? Is human fantasy of omnipotence bigger than the wish to become one with nature?​

Is nature our apocalypse or are we hers? While technology as an extended arm of human reason has almost fulfilled the misinterpreted foundational command “subdue the earth!”, picture-perfect Saas-Fee has abolished cars, cable cars and snow guns not yet ...

The SFFF-section TOMORROW DOCS showcases documentaries, which keep writing on the age-old conflict between nature and man and surprise with new viewpoints on “sustainability”.


An Egyptian billionaire businessman wakes the mountain village Andermatt from its sleeping beauty slumber. The projected luxury resort for the international jet set seems a way out of the rising depopulation...