Archive | 4. SFFF | 2017

Feature Film Competition

It’s the languages of Switzerland which determine the filmic radius of the Saas-Fee Filmfest. At the core of the festival is the feature film competition FILMS FROM FIVE COUNTRIES with free, personal, innovative cinema from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

We are interested in authentic stories, in films with an awake gaze at the world which challenge viewing and thought habits.​​

One Kiss

In their neat provincial high school in Northern Italy Lorenzo, Blu and Antonio are like fish in a garage. Lorenzo makes no effort to hide he’s gay, and escapes from homophobic bullying into multicoloured dreams, where he’s the star.

The Eremites

Albert’s dominant mother and his invalid father continue to run their distant mountain farm, after she insisted that Albert finds himself a new life down in the valley. He makes a living in a high tech marble quarry.

Mum's wrong

When 14-year-old Anouk takes an internship at her mother’s insurance company, her mother leaves her pretty much to her own devices, to explore on her own. She observes the petty cruelties of office life: banal humiliations, gossip, and power games.

Marie and the Misfits

Marie is an alluring young woman who lacks self confidence. When she leaves Antoine, a melancholic writer who suffers from the rare disorder electromagnetic hypersensitivity she meets Simeon, a jobless journalist. Yet she prefers to let fate decide her future.


An unidentified truck driver kills Mukki, a young Indian, in a hit-and-run accident. Thomas from Switzerland who seeks recreation and solitude in the forests of Canada, sets out to chase a black truck and attracts the suspicions of police officer Laurie...


If Ferro is not the one to always know the right thing to do, at least he has always the right proverb ready. Perhaps that’s not exactly how a future teenage mother pictures her boyfriend, but what else can Cate and Ferro do...

Hidden Reserves

Vienna in the not too distant future. The corporate world has once and for all seized power. People have to pay back their debts – even beyond death. While being kept in an undeserving artificial coma, bodies are being exploited...

Italian Race

A passion for fast engines runs through Giulia De Martino’s veins, for she comes from a family that produced champions of motor sports for generations. But when her father dies, she is left to her own devices at the racing circuit.

The Stopover

Why would a young French woman join the army? No better job prospects? For matters of money and freedom matters? To see the world? To defend France and Europe? To prove the army is not reserved for men?