Archive | 4. SFFF | 2017

Fireside Talk

Perspectives of Swiss Cinema

Moderation: Madeleine Hirsiger

The starting point for the programme focus of the Saas-Fee Filmfest for us were the languages of Switzerland. Swiss film-making has therefore been of special interest for the festival from the beginning. In the relaxed setting of a "Fireside Talk" the 4th SFFF will examine the status quo of Swiss cinema from several perspectives: How successfull is Swiss cinema actually? Does its creative force radiate beyond the borders? Under which conditions can new provocative works emerge? We are curious to hear the daring statements of Madeleine Hirsiger and her highprofile guests!


Ivo Kummer, Director of the film section in the Federal Office of Culture (former Director of the Solothurn Film Festival)
Micha Lewinsksy, 4. SFFF-Jury member (Swiss Filmpreis for DER FREUND) 
Tobias Nölle, 3. SFFF-Award winner with ALOYS (nominated for the Swiss Film Award 2017 in five categories)

Jarkko Riihimäki, improvisation-loving sparring partner at the piano

​Sat 01.04.17 17:30
Foyer of Ferienart Resort & Spa