Feature Film Competition - Films from five Countries

The central section of the Saas-Fee Filmfest shows films from Switzerland and its neighbouring countries, where the languages of Switzerland are spoken: Italy, France, Germany, Austria. The focus of the programme is on free, personal, innovative cinematic approaches and strong, authentic stories. With films that observe the world with awake, attentive eyes we want to challenge viewing and thought habits. 
The production budget and the length of the director’s filmography play a secondary role as selection criteria.
The films should not have had a theatrical release in Switzerland before the festival starts.
Feature films need to have 65 min minimum to qualify for the competition.​


A desolate filling station is the center of social life in an Austrian one-horse town. Dagmar works there, is indepted and is about to be kicked out from her flat. Lippo swears revenge on his Boss who fleeced him of his share in a betting shop after 15 years of loyalty.

A breakfast with Mum, a last cigarette in freedom. When the doorbell rings, for Karl a new chapter of justification for a supposed criminal offence begins, which does not become revealed for the time being. Cut. The Last Dance goes back into the near past.

Robert wants to start a new life. His addiction to speed had pushed him to a point of no return. After serving a long sentence in prison, Robert wants to start living again, safe from temptations and from bad company.

Nobody leaves Gaby alone at night. Except her boyfriend Vincent, who decides to put her love to the test and walks out on her in the midst of an outing. Unable to resist her true nature, Gaby quickly wears out her welcome with the guys in the village. So she turns to Nicolas, a hermit who thrives on solitude.

Rome, 1984. On the verge of divorce, Aria‘s artist parents are too busy with their egos and extra-marital affairs to properly care for any of Aria‘s needs. Aria finds herself in a Cinderalla-like constellation, with her two older sisters being pampered, while she gets accomodated in the broom cabin.

Jack is ten years old and hasn’t been long in foster care. It’s summer. He’s looking forward to the holidays. But on the last day of school, no one picks him up. His mother Sanna (26) calls to console him with vague promises. Back in foster care in a fight that erupts Jack hurts his roommate.

Atletico Pabarile, the worst team of the Sardinian third league, is beaten like every year by Montecrastu, the team led by arrogant exploiter Brai, who owns the lands. The return to town of young Matzutzi who had emigrated, upsets the balance of the championship...

While dreaming of big action cinema, young actor Henri finds himself starring in a small arthouse production, directed by aging grand film-auteur Cedric Rovère. Rovère is instantly touched by Henri’s youth and naiveté...

All her life 60-year old Angélique has been dancing through the nights. She still believes in love, enjoys men and the milieu. But now she wants to try to do everything better, once and for all.