Jurors' Matinées

Silver Forest

The final exam and the summer have long passed, still no apprenticeship or at least a girlfriend. Sascha hangs out with his mates, enjoys committing little offences and plays shooter games. An occasional job makes him discover his love for the forest.

Automatic blinds, noise protection on the cellar door and at the foot of the stairs a door with a steel waler. Michael is a call center agent at an insurance company, drives a middle-class car and gives away Harry Potter V to his nephew for Christmas. Michael also has a little boy, he lives in the cellar.
Silent Summer

When art historian Kristine tries to recover her voice in the family’s holiday house in South France, she gets tangled up in a sudden love affair with her daughter‘s boy- friend. Kristine’s husband Herbert isn’t a spoilsport either and hops over to his old friend Maurice (Hans-Jochen Wagner)