Award-Winners and Jury Rationales


Main Prize


by Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis 

The prize of the Film-makers Jury goes to a movie that impressed us deeply. From the first minute the drama overwhelmed us with its strong protagonist, an unconventional 60-year-old mother, who dances through the red light nights as a sex-worker, and dares to enter perhaps the greatest adventure of her life: to turn to the love of a former customer. Her upcoming wedding confronts her in a direct, documentary-like way with all deficiencies, unsatisfied longings, her neglected children and last but not least with herself.

The film narrates in a directness and unpolished authenticity, sometimes desperate, sometimes full of child-like hope and always with a tender view, and lets us feel how deeply affecting cinema can be. The Prize of the Film-makers Jury goes to PARTY GIRL.


Critics' Choice


by Léa Fazer

​The Critics' choice goes to a film which has the lightness of a comedy and at the same time reminds us of the value of beauty thus bringing a piece of utopia into day-to-day life.

Without snobism and cultural pessimism it points to the richness of literary and cinematic traditions and nevertheless leaves spaces for the new. The film is a wonderful hommage to Eric Rohmer and his last film LES AMOURS D'ASTRÉE ET CÉLADON. 

Our price might be unendowed, but it comes from the heart. Le jury vraiment kif ce film.

The Critics' choice goes to MAESTRO by Léa Fazer.


Audience Award


by Houchang Allahyari

​Our audience was excited about a gentle and never exposing boundary-challenging drama about a love which there is no place for in our society. Enchanting 89-year-old Erni Mangold takes away everything objectionable from a seemingly disturbing event