Gabriel Zurbriggen - Festival Manager

I’m glad to see that our film fest is at the doorstep of its second Opening and that we could win new partners over like the Hotel Ferienart Resort & Spa and the Cinema Capitol in Brig. On 23rd March the Capitol will show one of the SFFF’s award-winner films. The team of our festival has grown, which enables its directors to concentrate even more on the essentials: our films and our guests! I am proud of the films of our second year! With courage and lust they narrate about deep human feelings and conflicts, they stand out with charme and humour and with brilliant acting. As a new section “young SFFF” will from now on be part of the festival, it will show two children’s films this year – one new one and one classic – and one film for adolescents of the very special kind. I wish great success to all of us, passion and pleasure with the 2nd Saas-Fee Filmfest!

Stefan Fichtner - Artistic Director

To good films and fresh snow!
“Saas-Fee is a wonderful festival venue with a great quiet, instead of endless shuttlebus rides you just stroll over to the cinema.” says Boyd van Hoij, renowned reviewer for the Hollywood Reporter, and member of our last year’s Critics Jury, who sees a few dozens of festivals a year. The Saas-Fee Filmfest has absolved its maiden voyage, but isn’t wise yet. Every year I’m looking forward to be surprised anew and to be challanged by films, which are one step ahead, which take risks. But to make “young cinema” you don’t need to be 22, like our competition entry Der letzte Tanz proves. I’m looking forward to see great actors like Michael Lonsdale, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sabine Timoteo or Erni Mangold on screen, at the same time we celebrate discoveries like the brilliant child actors Giulia Salerno in Incompresa and Ivo Pietzcker in Jack or the indescribable Angélique Litzenburger, the lead actress of Party Girl. I’m looking forward to meeting our wonderful juries and filmmakers who have already announced their coming. And when festival-shimmering Cinema Rex opens its doors, I’m looking forward to seeing you, our audience and wish you exciting filmfest-experiences!