• Director: Christina Schiewe
  • Screenplay: Christina Schiewe, Petra Brix
  • Cinematography: Julia Baumann
  • Editing: Dorothee Broeckelmann
  • Cast: Carina Kühne, Christina Große, Holger Stockhaus, Gitta Schweighöfer,Florian Appelius
  • Producer: Stefan Sporbert, Rüdiger Heinze
  • Production: Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion
  • Contact: Rüdiger Heinze,

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Swiss Premiere
Be My Baby by Christina Schiewe,  D 2014,  100 min,  DCP
German with English subtitles - from 12 years

Nicole is 18 und has Down’s Syndrome. She wants to have a boyfriend, would like to get a baby and just be normal. She grew up with Nick a boy from the neighbourhood and as children they planned to get married one day. Nick is 15 now and wants to be cool, but Nicole gives him the affection he is secretly yearning for. The openness of the families will be put to the test as Nicole expects a baby from Nick. This is where a race begins against sterilization, abortion and closed-minded views on the right to self-determination.