Feature Film Competition

The feature film competition of the Saas-Fee Filmfest is interested in free, personal, innovative cinematic approaches and strong, moving stories which challenge viewing and thought habits. The production budget and the length of the director’s filmography play a secondary role as selection criteria.
The films should, however, not have had a theatrical release in Switzerland before the festival starts. Feature films need to have 65 min minimum to qualify for the competition.

Viva la Libertá

Enrico Oliveri (Toni Servillo), leader of the main opposition party, is depressed: the election is coming up and current polls suggest things aren’t going his way. Unable to face the situation, Enrico ups and leaves one night to hide with his former lover Danielle (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi).
The Rendez-vous of Déjà-vu

Hector meets Truquette on Bastille Day and becomes obsessed with seducing her. The plan is to get her to the seaside pronto. Pator’s not complaining, especially if her friend Charlotte comes along for the ride. So off they go, down the country roads of a broke and broken France.

Finsterworld is set in in a Germany, apparently fallen out of time. A country, in which the sun is always shining, children are wearing school uniforms and policemen bear costumes and where pedicurists give biscuits to old ladies. But behind the beauty of this parallel world lurks the abyss...

Clemens starts a new job as a massage therapist in a luxury hotel. He is shy but sensitive and likes to work with his guests’ energies. The ladies he massages fall for his hands and make advances to him that throw him off balance. Lara, who works in the kitchen, tries it the hard way...
The Mafia only kills in Summer

The day the well-known Mafioso Vito Ciancimino is elected mayor of Palermo is also the day Arturo is born, and this coincidence will have many more consequences on his life than one would think.
Sense Of Humor

It is winter. Elise lives alone with her ten-year-old son Léo, whose father is dead. She is involved with Paul, who she met before she was widowed, and that fact has sent their relationship topsy-turvy. The strength of her attraction makes Elise reject Paul just as violently...
Sitting next to Zoe

Asal and Zoe are best friends and spend their last summer together before their lives begin in earnest. Asal wants nothing more than to have a boyfriend and Zoe dreams of becoming a make-up artist. But in reality things are very different...
Soldate Jeannette

Fanni has had enough of money and leaves to buy a tent. Anna has had enough of pigs and leaves the farmer - one needle in the hay. In the new game Fanni rolls the dice while Anna does not think twice - she knocks down all the pins. Together they raise their voice and shape one mutual tune.
Tempo Girl

Young wannabe novelist Dominique Piepermann lives an unsettled life in Berlin’s hipster community. When her publisher turns down her manuscript for being “inauthentic”, she sets out with a lively kebab vendor through a forgotten valley in Swiss Valais...
The Third Half

Samuel has already spent several years in and out of prison. After yet another spell in jail, the surveillance judge, responsible for the treatment of detainees, has enrolled him in a program of rehabilitation on a commercial farm. His supervisor is the social worker Vincenzo...