Main Prize (ex aequo)

Love Steaks

by Jakob Lass

The international Jury of the 1st Saas-Fee Filmfest decorates a film for trying to go a personal improvisative, boundary-pushing way without respecting conventions and expectations. With its brilliant montage this way becomes also a personal dynamic, consequent way.
Many films are made in the process of editing, that’s not a secret. For many directors, working on the montage is the most inspiring time. The Award-winner is a great example for that. Of course the editor can only compose the images and sounds that script, direction, acting, camera and production design provide. But if the material shot is so rich and dazzling, that it makes the editor fly, then films of a density and suggestive power come about, that make spectators forget, that they are in cinema. For this personal way and the excstasy of montage it made possible, the Prize for Best film of the International Jury goes to LOVE STEAKS.

Main Prize (ex aequo)

Soldate Jeannette

by Daniel Hoesl

A debut film which is absolutely conscious of its filmic devices. Honest, funny. Director and cinematographer work with ellipses, minimalism, stylisations – space for imagination remains here, respectively opens up precisely from here.
This is what makes every cinema experience to something unique. „You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to do“.

Critics Choice


by Frauke Finsterwalder

Frauke Finsterwalder's feature debut pushes the envelope in its merciless portrayal and critique of contemporary German society. Full of surprising twists and blessed with an impressive acting ensemble, the film does not shirk away from confronting taboo subjects directly.

Audience Award

Sitting next to Zoe

by Ivana Lalović