• Director: Urs Odermatt
  • Screenplay: Urs Odermatt (based on the theatre play by Urs Odermatt)
  • Cinematography: Marcus Rave
  • Editing: Ruth Schönegge
  • Cast: Jörg-Heinrich Benthien, Miriam Japp, Paula Schramm, Julia Heydkamp
  • Production: Jasmin Morgan / Nordwest Film
    Contact: Jasmin Morgan ()
  • Contact: Jasmin Morgan,
  • Festivals: Rome Independent Film Festival (New Vision Award)
  • Homepage: derboeseonkel.ch/

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The wicked Uncle by Urs Odermatt,  CH, D 2011,  98 min,  DCP

A village in the woods. Everybody knows everybody else; everybody knows everything about the others. The town is far away. The locals are all by themselves. Trix Brunner, a single mother who moved to the village years ago, accuses a sports teacher of sexually molesting her daughter. The whole village is outraged at the mother for making such a claim. After all, the accused is a former national champion in high diving. Armin’s trophies in the local bar’s display case are like a shrine to the villagers. Newcomers are tolerated as long as they are discrete and keep out of other people’s business. Trix Brunner is punished with isolation. But she hasn’t cut off all contacts to the city.