SFFF Confessions

The Saas-Fee Film Festival wants films that are born out of an inner necessity. We are on the lookout for authentic moments in cinema, and we feel an affinity for the unfinished; after all, even dwarfs started small. We consider any film looking at the world with perceptive and wide-awake eyes to be political: the synapse as the smallest part of a better world. We tip our hat to the artists who work without safety nets - independent productions, yes; even better, independent minds.

We are attracted to a sense of discovery, and to works we can be puzzled by. The stories we love are made of ruptures, of abysses, of irreconcilable proximity, and crossing boundaries is our favorite invitation. Our feature film competition FILMS FROM FIVE COUNTRIES has many godfathers: Pasolini, Godard, Tanner, Haneke, Fassbinder, Sautet ... We want to see the films we love on the big screen. Our Film Festival believes in the experimental set-up cinema, the shared experience: we take our time, and we take our liberties. Let’s come together in Saas-Fee!