The river's bed by Mélanie Pitteloud,  CH 2017 , 88 min, DCP.
German, Swiss-German, French with English subtitles.
  • Director: Mélanie Pitteloud
  • Cinematography: Denis Jutzeler
  • Editing: Annie Jean
  • Producer: Gabriela Bussmann
  • Production: GoldenEggProduction, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
  • Distributor: Aardvark Film Emporium
  • Contact: Museng Fischer,
  • Festivals: Festival dei Popoli Firenze, Festival International de cinéma Nyon

The river's bed

The river Rhône has been straitjacketed for 150 years, the history of a domination of its course by humans. But the river has not yet been tamed! Following some disastrous floods, a gigantic construction site is in the process of revitalizing it into a larger-sized space. This engaging and poetic film by Mélanie Pitteloud from Lower Valais, shot in the company of inhabitants linked to the future of the Rhône, is a journey that prompts universal questioning of our relationship with nature and territory.

screening on  8.4.18 / 16:00

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Mélanie Pitteloud
Since 2010 the graduate in political science has been working as documentary film-maker. She realizes commited films which are firmly rooted in our society. THE RIVER'S BED is her first feature-lenght documentary.

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