Archive | 5. SFFF | 2018

Feature Film Competition

It’s the languages of Switzerland which determine the filmic radius of the Saas-Fee Filmfest. At the core of the festival is the feature film competition FILMS FROM FIVE COUNTRIES with free, personal, innovative cinema from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

We are interested in authentic stories, in films with an awake gaze at the world which challenge viewing and thought habits.​​


For Marie, a prospective medical student, the catastrophe starts every day with waking up. She lives in social isolation with her extremely dominant mother, a successful gynecologist.

Tomorrow and thereafter

Mathilde is just 9 years old, but the life she shares alone with her mother is not without its challenges. They love each other, and mum is adorable, but at the same time she’s unstable, fragile and unpredictable.

The best of all worlds

Adrian is seven and growing up in Salzburg. His young mother Helga and her boyfriend are both heroin addicts; his biological father died before he was born. Helga loves her son above all else

Do you sometimes feel burnt out and empty?

A perfectly absurd comedy gem from Germany: Luisa is always on the run, from job to home, from husband to lover, from peanut flips to strict diet. Who wouldn’t be stressed out?


Living together in Zurich, Jessy and David find out they’re having a baby, but the young father-to-be reacts in panic. Shocked by the news and by the assault the couple suffer on a night out ...

Mademoiselle Paradis

Vienna, 1777. The true story of blind 18-year-old 'Wunderkind' pianist Maria Theresia Paradis, who lost her eyesight overnight when she was just three years old, while at the same time developing her extraordinary talent for music.

Sicilian Ghost Story

Based on a 1993 real-life kidnapping of a 12-year-old boy by the Mafia, SICILIAN GHOST STORY follows the disappearance of Giuseppe from his village at the edge of the forest.


Amidst the preparations for her 35th wedding anniversary, Meredith is surprised by the discovery that she is HIV-positive.