Archive | 5. SFFF | 2018


Stefan Jäger
After earning his diploma at the teaching institute Lucerne, in 1997 Stefan Jäger finished his studies in screenwriting and directing at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. Since 2002 he's been working a. o. as a dramaturgy and script lecturer at the ZHdK, as a lecturer for directing in Ludwigsburg and at the Stuttgart acting school. Stefan Jäger is a member of the Swiss and European Film Academy.

 Blue my mind (prod.) 
2017 Mathias Gnädinger – Die Liebe seines Lebens (dir., doc)
2016 Der grosse Sommer (most successful Swiss film 2016) 
2016 11:23 - 09:59 (Projekt Angst) 
2015 Schellen-Ursli (author) 
2013 Horizon Beautiful 
2007 Hello Goodbye 
2003 Cyrill trifft (Doc) 
2003 57’ 38’’Ewigkeit (Theater) 
2001 Birthday (short)​

Jasmine Hoch
From 1984 to 1998 she has worked as director for various theaters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a. o. at Schauspielhaus Zürich. Since 1999 she has worked in Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg as an author and script consultant. For several years she managed the script development programme of Focal and SRF for Swiss TV films. Since 2008 she has been working as a lecturer of film and theater at ZHdK. She founded the master in screen writing at ZHdK.

Co-author a. o. for the cinema features
2015 Heidi (dir: Markus Imboden)
2010 Trouble no more (dir: Andy Bausch)
2008 Tausend Ozeane (dir: Luki Frieden)
2011 Der Verdingbub (dir: Markus Imboden).
Die Kur (dir: Christoph Schaub, in prep.)
2013 Himmelreich (dir: Markus Imboden)
2014 Der Goalie bin ig (dir: Sabine Boss)

Torsten Schulz
Born and bred in Berlin (East). He worked as an editor for the newspaper of the GDR civic movement “Die Andere“. Since 1992 he has been working as a freelance author of feature films and prose and director of documentary films. Since 2002 he has been professor for dramaturgy at the Film University Babelsberg. Various awards, recently nominated for the German Screenplay Prize (NILOWSKY, 2018)

Selected works
2016 Nilowsky
2010 Boxhagener Platz (dir: Matti Geschonneck)
1997 Raus aus der Haut (dir: Andreas Dresen);
Im Namen der Unschuld (dir: Andreas Kleinert)
screenplay and directing:
2000 Von einer die auszog (Doc)
1995 Kuba Sigrid (Doc)
2018 Skandinavisches Viertel (novel)
2013 Nilowsky (novel, 2014 audio book, 2018 screenplay)
2008 Revolution und Filzläuse (collection of short stories)
2004 Boxhagener Platz (novel, 2005 audio book, 2010 screenplay for feature-film)