A Decent Man by Micha Lewinsky,  CH 2015 , 92 min, DCP.
German with English subtitles.
  • Director: Micha Lewinsky
  • Screenplay: Micha Lewinsky
  • Cinematography: Pierre Mennel
  • Editing: Gion-Reto Killias
  • Cast: Devid Striesow, Maren Eggert, Beat Marti, Annina Walt, Max Hubacher, Oriana Schrage
  • Producer: H.C. Vogel
  • Production: Plan B Film
  • Distributor: Filmcoopi
  • Contact: Marco Brazerol,
  • Festivals: Zürich Film Festival, Cinequest San Jose, Solothurner Filmtage
  • Homepage: www.nichtspassiert.ch

A Decent Man

Actually, his wife does not have the time and his daughter cannot be bothered. Nevertheless, Thomas is bent on spending a relaxing skiing holiday with his family in the Swiss Alps. The fact that Sarah, his boss's daughter, tags along this year only serves to complicate matters. Problems with the youth in the village ensue for the two teenagers. As the responsible adult, Thomas ought to intervene. Instead he turns a blind eye to the situation. He keeps his spirits up, even though things have long since been out of control, and thus becomes increasingly entangled in a web of lies and half-truths.

Micha Lewinsky once more proves his mastery in putting on these embarrassing situations everyone knows und wouldn't want to be watched in by anybody. Devid Striesow brings you that close to this father of the sorrowful countenance that in the end you may surpass yourself with him a little bit.

Micha Lewinsky
is a swiss scriptwriter and director (*1972). His directing debut DER FREUND was honored with the Swiss Film Award in 2008 and was nominated for the Academy Awards. His romantic comedy DIE STANDESBEAMTIN (2009) also ran well in German cinemas. After a longer break his third movie NICHTS PASSIERT with Devid Striesow premiered in 2016 followed by his latest work, the melancholic comedy, LOTTO (2017).

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