• Director: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.
  • Screenplay: Peter S. Beagle
  • Cinematography: Don Duga
  • Editing: Tomoko Kida
  • Producer: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr
  • Production: Rankin/Bass
  • Contact: Rick Goldschmidt,

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The Last Unicorn by Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.,  GB/JP/US 1982,  92 min,  BluRay
German - from 6 years

Sorcerer’s apprentice Schmendrick frees a unicorn from the claws of fairground- witch Mommy Fortuna and accompanies it on its search for its missing fellow unicorns. A butterfly-oracle points toward King Haggard’s fortress. Threatened by his red bull, Schmendrick succeeds in transforming the unicorn into a human. In the guise of beautiful Lady Amalthea it is safe from the bull but miserable as sin. Schmendrick however is not yet sorcerer enough to transform it back ...

The heartbreaking, ever-surprising fantasy-classic with the legendary soundtrack by America.