Feature Film Competition

It’s the languages of Switzerland which determine the filmic radius of the Saas-Fee Filmfest. At the core of the festival is the feature film competition FILMS FROM FIVE COUNTRIES with free, personal, innovative cinema from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and Austria.​

We are interested in authentic stories, in films with an awake gaze at the world which challenge viewing and thought habits.​​


The young girl who gives the film its title is no more than seven years old when her life changes drastically. Raised by single mom Sandrine with some sweet though not entirely committed assistance from David, her mom's brother, the little one has lived a placid Parisian existence until loss strikes unexpectedly.


A young African boy is bought and transplanted into slavery to 18th century Vienna, where he is named Angelo. The Countess who purchased him wants to teach him how to appeal to the court, which turns the boy into an attraction and a novelty against his will.


A man defined by his work, 45-years-old Frank is diligent, reliable and tireless. He built a career for himself in Geneva handling cargo ships for a major transportation company, but he suffers a crucial setback after making a life-and-death judgement call about a crisis on one of his ships, which leads to his firing.


Ruth lives in Switzerland and appears by all account to be happy and settled in her family life, with two children and a devout husband. Together they are members of a local church and socialize frequently with the other parishioners.


Theatre director Martin has a new idea for a play, wanting to bring to the stage a new version of “The Investigation” by Peter Weiss, a piece about the Holocaust. Concerned about the implications of such a delicate subject, he decides to go on a trip to Auschwitz with some members of his cast...


Set over the course of a weekend on the outskirts of Berlin, the story follows a group of siblings coming together for a family reunion and to decide how to deal with an autistic younger sister. Wanting to start a new life, 40-year-old Heli has found an institution in which she can put Ginnie...


Ulrich Köhler's new film begins with an act of unwitting erasure, with its gruffy protagonist cruelly mistaking the crucial for the superfluous in his video interviews with German politicians. It's the prelude to the strangest of post-apocalyptic tales...


Freshly released from jail, Ulysse is a young man full of optimism, until the harsh reality of his surroundings comes sharply into focus.


When a bizarre memo shocks the Italian secret services’ apparatus with the news that someone in Sardinia has become the owner of the moon, two agents launch a cover mission to dispatch an operative on site and investigate the issue.


Memories always betray us, especially in the painful maze of a long romantic relationship. Told entirely in fragments of the past, or at least in perceived fragments that sometimes contradict each other, the love story between two nameless but all too real characters becomes a cubist painting...